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Fully Automated Color Registration Process

Specifically designed to address the Register Control needs of today's flexographic printer the DRC 6000L provides immediate reductions in make-ready and run waste. The DRC 6000L fully automates the color registration process and is capable of controlling both lateral and running direction register.

Press Compatibility 

The DRC 6000L simply parallels into the existing register motors on your press. For presses without register motorization, CC1 offers a "Register Motorization Package" that mounts to the existing manual register mechanisms.


Automatic Make-Ready Register

The newly designed CC1 "mark pattern" easily fits within the track of a 1/8" bearer bar requiring far less space than traditional scanner or sensor based systems. The individual geometric shape of each register mark allows the DRC 6000L to automatically set make-ready register regardless of whether or not the marks are overlapped or even out of sequence.

Reduce Startup Waste and Make-Ready Time

The newly designed "Auto Search" feature makes it possible for the DRC 6000L cameras to immediately locate the register mark patterns and begin correcting for register errors during make-ready, thereby reducing startup waste and make-ready time.

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“I was impressed with the ease of installation and the way the entire CC1 team provided us with training and support that was very thorough and professionally executed”~ John O’Leary,  VP of Manufacturing

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