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Commercial Offset & Direct Mail

DRC 5000 JPEG.png

With the DRC 5000, CC1 offers a state-of-the-art Automatic Register Control technology solution for today's direct mail and/or business forms web printers as well as commercial offset printers.

Specifically designed to address Color Register Control needs in this increasingly challenging environment, the DRC 5000 provides an immediate reduction in make-ready and run waste.

Compact Camera Design

The DRC 5000 compact design allows the cameras to be installed in between print stations, or on a turn bar, for faster correction times. Very discreet "register marks," as small as .3mm in size, can be placed horizontally or vertically on the web.

Designed with Front-to-Back Register Control Technology

Benefit from front to back register control on jobs where registering images on both the top and bottom of the web together are critical. In areas where the cameras are not readily accessible, motorized camera traverses are available as an option.

Live Video Interface

The DRC 5000 User Interface displays a live video image of the register control mark pattern. Manual register control corrections can be entered at any time in exact .001" increments to correct for plate error on the press.

Cutt-Off Control Quality

Developed to meet the increasing need for improved cut-off control quality and consistency, the Intelli-Cut II Cut-Off Control automatically pre-sets compensators and maintains print-to-cut or print-to-finish operations in the web running direction.

Motorization Packages Available

For presses with manual register mechanisms, CC1 provides a register motorization solution for sidelay and circumferential cylinder controls. CC1 motorization packages are designed with limit switches, limit warning indicator, gear box and electric brake. A "smart motor" option with encoder feedback signal is also available.

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