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About CC1

Founded in 1979, CC1 quickly established itself as one of the first manufacturers of Automatic Register Controls and Web Inspection. In the early 1990's, CC1 modernized register control technology by introducing the printing industry's first automatic register control utilizing camera based technology.


At the same time, CC1 provided a breakthrough in the concept of real-time service and partnering with customers by introducing remote access. Customers benefited not only from this service perspective, but further through CC1's ability to remotely utilize register data collected by its equipment on press.

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CC1 Core Advantages

CC1's Core Strengths

  • We have 40 years of experience dedicated to register controls.

  • Family owned and operated since 1979, CC1 does not divide its time or resources supporting multiple product lines. Our register control customers receive 100% of our attention and support.


Customer Base

  • Our installation base and reference list of retrofit newspaper customers is second to none in the newspaper industry. The eXaminer II is specifically designed for the newsprint market.

Engineering Expertise

  • At CC1 we provide our customers with a core service and engineering group with 40 years of hands-on experience within the printing industry.

  • CC1 Register Controls are “tuned” to match the register capability of our customers’ press lines using T.R.A.M. TM reports during system startup. This attention to detail maximizes the register quality and waste savings.


Pioneering Image Based Register Controls

  • CC1 developed and introduced the printing industry's first automatic register control utilizing digital color cameras.

  • These cameras display and update live video image of register marks. Unique to CC1, the operator sees exactly what the camera sees.



  • 24-hour, seven days a week remote connectivity for service and operator training by our fully staffed domestic support team. 

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Contact Us for a Free Confidential Consultation 603.319.2000

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